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Lowest X-ray medical dose imaging.


Technology to support the medical profession

Our X-ray detectors support healthcare workers around the world by having the best platform for decision making in radiography. By providing reliable imaging data of the highest quality, we enable medical professionals to make more accurate diagnoses and bring effective treatments quickly to their patients.

XCounter’s long established ISO13485 accredited production facilities have been delivering detector solutions across a broad range of imaging applications around the globe. The market leading benefits of our technology adds value to mammography, CT, mobile surgical C-arm, digital radiography, angiography and radiosurgery. The same cutting edge performance in our smaller detectors is suitable forspecimen radiography and pathology.

We have partnered some of the world’s most successful medical imaging organisations with OEM products for integrated systems. Our in-house specialists are experienced in supporting our customers from the design phase through development and into the implementation of bespoke OEM solutions. Our standard product range has the adaptability of software and flexibility of use to be easily retrofitted into existing systems.

Low dose imaging. Faster results.

XCounter detectors provide better sensitivity than TFT based flat panel detectors with a performance that far exceeds most other detector solutions. Our standard range of solutions achieve a Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) of 85% @ RQA5 spectra and a Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of >80% @ 2lp/mm. The result is that we provide images of the highest spatial resolution for the lowest dose exposure.

Our unparalleled Dynamic range allows the user to see all of an object in one exposure presents more data for analysis. With frame rates of up to 20,000 fps this process occurs in as quick a time as possible and is achieved with the absolute minimum levels of irradiating energy.

Our proprietary CSC (Charge Sharing Correction) software enhances the resolution and sensitivity performance of our detectors to levels that cannot be achieved in any other technology. And our Real-time Temperature Correction (RTC) software creates stable and reliable detectors with longevity.

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XCounter has a solid foundation in both integrating and photon counting state of the art X-ray detector technology.

The basic component in our detectors is a conversion material, which converts the X-rays into electrical signals, and a CMOS (ASIC) which transforms the electric signals into a datastream of either the integrated electric charge or the number of photons which has entered each pixel. This data is then used to create a digital image which is either two- or threedimensional, depending on the scan geometry.

Our solid state detector uses CdTe which is a direct conversion material. When an X-ray photon enters the material it is converted directly into an electric signal which is captured, measured and finally processed into an image. This provides significantly better Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Detection Quantum Efficiency (DQE) compared to scintillation detectors due to the high sensitivity and very good stopping power for high energy photons. By combining the CdTe conversion layer with our custom ASICs (CMOS) we can supply detectors that support integrating as well as photon counting modes, fast readout and low power consumption.