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Intra-oral, panoramic, CT, cephalometric, whatever your requirements, our detectors provide the solutions.


Supporting the dental industry

The XCounter group has been supplying detectors to the world’s largest dental imaging providers for many years. With established ISO13485 accredited production facilities we have over 10,000 detectors installed worldwide. Our reputation for quality in the dental industry has been established, with our detectors consistently delivering reliable, repeatable, market leading image data.

Our cutting edge photon counting technology brings the latest advances in X-ray detection. This supports dental professionals by presenting them deeper clinical insights across a range of requirements including 3D, intraoral, digital panoramic and 2D systems as well as cephalometric work.

The flexibility and ease of use of our standard products provides the opportunity to retrofit our detectors into existing systems. Our depth of experience in designing, developing and implementing OEM solutions means that we have the capability to work with you to bring unparalleled detector performance to your next generation of imaging systems.

Market leading performance

Across the XCounter product range our detectors achieve Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) of 85% @ RQA5 spectra and a Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of >80% @ 2lp/mm – performance that exceeds most other commercially available detectors. Our Hydra product range, with its ultrafast frame rates of up to 20,000fps set a new standard in X-ray imaging.

With our direct conversion CdTe CMOS technology, you will not suffer from the ghosting, lag issues or blurring at high energies to which some ordinary TFT based flat panel detectors are sometimes prone. And with sensitivity levels that essentially capture every photon, our customers generate the highest quality dental images with the lowest possible dose.

Beyond our market leading detector capability, our proprietary Charge Sharing Correction (CSC) software enhances the resolution and sensitivity performance of our detectors to levels that cannot be achieved in any other technology. Our Real-time Temperature Correction (RTC) software creates stable and reliable detectors with longevity.

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XCounter has a solid foundation in both integrating and photon counting state of the art X-ray detector technology.

The basic component in our detectors is a conversion material, which converts the X-rays into electrical signals, and a CMOS (ASIC) which transforms the electric signals into a datastream of either the integrated electric charge or the number of photons which has entered each pixel. This data is then used to create a digital image which is either two- or threedimensional, depending on the scan geometry.

Our solid state detector uses CdTe which is a direct conversion material. When an X-ray photon enters the material it is converted directly into an electric signal which is captured, measured and finally processed into an image. This provides significantly better Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Detection Quantum Efficiency (DQE) compared to scintillation detectors due to the high sensitivity and very good stopping power for high energy photons. By combining the CdTe conversion layer with our custom ASICs (CMOS) we can supply detectors that support integrating as well as photon counting modes, fast readout and low power consumption.