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Unique X-ray Solutions

As part of the Direct Conversion family, our products combine the high performance of CdTe-CMOS direct conversion X-ray sensors with the latest in photon counting technology. The result is, quite simply, setting new standards in X-ray imaging.

With imaging speeds of 2m/s at 100 micron resolution; with MTF and DQE levels that are market leading; with fps rates at 2500fps, the XCounter product range provide the highest resolution X-ray images in the fastest possible way. This new level of capability is breaking the mould of X-ray imaging systems across the globe; systems used by engineers, dentists, radiographers, surgeons, food scientists, nuclear technologists, the list of our customers continues to grow.

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XC-Hydra series

The ultra-fast XC-Hydra detectors capable of 2 m/s imaging at 100 micron resolution bring new dimensions to medical applications and a broad range of NDT applications.

XC-Thor Series

The robust dual energy XC-Thor series with its IP67 housing, brings high performance, fast imaging to the industrial sector.

XC-Actaeon Series

Bringing an incredible 2500 fps 100 micron resolution imaging speed to small area detectors, the XC-Actaeon line is a versatile dual energy sensor that is suitable for a broad range of applications.

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Knowledge is at the heart of our values

Our team of world class scientists, technologists, engineers and software specialists are at the core of our product capability. They continue to drive their respective fields forward, and work together to push back the boundaries of what can be achieved with X-ray imaging.

Our know-how, is complemented by our Applications team who partner our customers to bring them the advantages of direct conversion photon counting technology.