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The XCounter product range brings our customers unparalleled image quality, new levels in sensitivity, speeds in imaging that are redefining standards and more; all with dual energy capability. At the heart of this market leading performance is direct conversion CdTe photon counting technology; something which, when coupled with XCounter’s innovative charge sharing correction, means that all XCounter products deliver unsurpassed levels of MTF and DQE.

Our Products


We provide three families of products: the superfast XC-Hydra, the industrial XC-Flite and our small area detector series the XC-Actaeon. In addition to our off the shelf products we provide customised solutions for OEM.

XC-Hydra Series

The ultra-fast XC-Hydra detectors capable of 2m/s imaging at 100micron resolution bring new dimensions to Medical applications and a broad range of NDT applications.

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XC-Flite Series

The robust dual energy XC-Flite series with its IP67 housing, brings high performance, fast imaging with dual energy capability to the Industrial sector.

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XC-Actaeon Series

Bringing incredible 2500 fps 100 micron resolution imaging speed to small area detectors, the XC-Actaeon line is a versatile dual energy sensor that is suitable for a broad range of applications.

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